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We are the Pioneers of a New Culture in Dentistry.

New Image Dentistry is the first dental organization in the United States to integrate a philosophy that goes above and beyond what the consumer expects of their dental healthcare. We are motivated by our desire to gain leadership to set new standards in the dental industry through prioritizing the overall health of our patients, and implementing a new feature of centralizing an in-house patient specialty care.

Why Choose New Image Dentistry?

There are many reasons to choose a dentist – do they offer the services you need? Is it easy to schedule an appointment online? Do they use the most modern, up-to-date technology? At New Image Dentistry, the answers to these questions is an astounding yes! The real New Image Dentistry difference lies within our core values.

Our entire network has evolved to create a best-in-class approach to better serve all of our patient’s dental health care needs.

Our pillars of excellence include:

  • Same Day Appointments
  • Total Health Philosophy
  • Virtually All Insurances Accepted
  • Smile Care Dental Savings Plan
  • Financing Options

Because we have many locations with convenient hours, it is easy for you to get an appointment that fits your schedule. We even accept same day appointments!

Stop putting off your dental care, and request an appointment today.

Our Mission & Vision

Best-in-Class Dental Care For All.

Best-in-Class: requires having the talent, expertise, technology, knowledge and compassion to pay off this lofty goal.

For all: The affordability-to-value ratio is perfectly balanced. This level of dental experience is managed to make it accessible to everyone. Healthy for the patient, healthy for the staff, healthy for the doctor. Again, a balance of all of the little things that make work more enjoyable.

When we treat our New Image Dentistry patients, we look beyond their dental needs. We will be their partner in tune with their total health. We will be proactive and engaged with each of them, anticipating their needs and building a high level of trust and a personal bond. And, regardless if they are self-pay or insured, all will receive the exact same standard of care.

Our Core Values

Emotionally Intelligent

While our collective IQs pushed us to the tops of our classes, our EQs separate us from our competition. We are emotionally intelligent in everything that we do. We don’t hide behind facemasks or tinted glass. Rather, we function in the office as if we are walking around in our patients’ shoes. This empathy helps us to create an unforgettable experience.

Approachable Educators

We make things simple and understandable for our patients. From explaining procedures to solving challenges with insurance billing, we put out the vibe that no question is a stupid question. And, we work hard to quickly deliver answers with sound explanations.

Healthy Bravado

We operate with a deep sense of pride and healthy confidence in our team. We have a bounce in our step that lets patients know that they are in the best hands. In a universe where like attracts like, putting our healthy bravado out there will bring in new customers with those same characteristics.

Looking for a dental team that values your needs? You’ve found one.

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